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We recommend working to identify a public relations or public affairs professional, with crisis and issues management experience, in your area. This should be someone who is willing to volunteer an hour or two to provide you with some insights and possibly assistance. The following are a few places to contact to try to find someone:

The Public Relations Society of America, there are local chapters in each state and most major cities, the following is a link to the finder section hyperlink on the organization’s national website.

  1. Follow this link to find your local PRSA chapter:   

  2. Click “Find-A-Chapter”

  3. Click on your state

  4. Call the chapter closest to you and receive help


Public Information Officer Association, most states have a public information officer association with professionals from a diversity of government, NGOs, hospitals and public entities. The following is a link.

  1. Follow this link to find a Public Interest Official

  2. Follow the instructions to request help from a PIO

  3. If you do not live in Utah, Google, “PIO help” and the name of your state

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